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New Speaker Title Announced!

Sabrina Dent, a veteran web designer and blogger is joining us at FOWD London and will be discussing: “Throwing Client Collaboration Out the Window: The Stalinist Web Design Modelโ€

Sabrina says: โ€œWeb designers and agencies of all sizes almost universally promote themselves as agreeable team players in a collaborative partnership. But what happens when you throw that practice out the window and adopt a process that isn’t a collaborative creation, a model where you don’t give the client choices, and a project management style where you constantly say No to the customer? I will argue that the clients are just as happy, the end users are better off, and the design and build takes less time with fewer tears.

To find out what else is on the schedule at FOWD London take a look here


New Workshop Speaker

I am happy to announce that we have a fantastic speaker lined up for the workshop ‘Unleashing the power of Art Direction in Web Design’.


Miguel Ripoll, is the founder, CEO and Creative Director of Cesser Digital. An award winning designer, writer, lecturer and digital artist, Miguel’s interactive work has been exhibited in a dozen major art museums.

The ever popular Miguel will be joining us once again to share his expertise in this hands on workshop. Miguel will discuss Typography as the key element to web design, layered approaches, content as a design element and much more. His main goal is to give you something you can actually take away and *use* in your daily work.

Check out what other workshops are on offer here.

Student tickets sold out… for now!

Student tickets are proving as popular as ever this year and have sold like hot cakes! We won’t be releasing any more just yet but as soon as we do we’ll let you know. Watch this space….

Conference Passes

Conference passes are still available at the Earlybird price of ยฃ195. There are only 30 of these left and as soon as they sell out the price will be rising – so you’d better get your skates on.

Workshop and Free Conference Pass

Our Earlybird Workshop and Conference passes have unfortunately sold out so prices have gone up, however they are still reasonably priced at ยฃ495!
Don’t forget – that’s a full day of workshops, access to the conference *and* any parties that are taking place. For more info on what workshops are available check out the site.

Tracking FOWD events!

You can find out all of the information you need about FOWD here.

For instant updates and announcements about ticket sales and pricing you should follow @loulou200 and @fowd on Twitter

Keeping checking for more announcements ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaker Spotlight: Jonathan Snook

Next in our series of interviews where we get up close and personal with our speakers is Jonathan Snook!

jonathan-snook.jpgJonathan is a freelance web developer living in Ontario, Canada. He has been a technical architect, project manager, developer, and designer on hundreds (maybe thousands!) of web projects such as JPG Magazine, Red Bull, the Canadian Red Cross, Apple Canada, and FedEx Canada. He writes on various web development topics here and as a columnist at Digital Web Magazine.

Q. You class yourself as a designer/developer, with experience in a range of different disciplines. What do you think about the debate that often goes on in the industry about how to describe exactly what you do? Do you think it matters to anyone other than the web community if you’re a front-end developer, a web designer or other?

A. We always look for ways to accurately and succinctly categorize what it is that we do. But web development is a huge spectrum that is constantly expanding. We often find ourselves wearing so many hats that a succinct title can never truly do what we do justice.

When dealing with clients, it’s mostly irrelevant. Most clients don’t know enough about the web development industry to realize the difference. They come to us — the people that build the sites — because we understand and know what’s involved and I doubt a job title would be the deciding factor in landing a new client.

Q. You’re going to be talking about AJAX and design in your session. Do you think there’s alot still to be understood about rational use of AJAX, and what do you hope people will take away from your talk?

A. I do think there is a lot to understand when it comes to the rational use of AJAX. We, as designers and developers, are problem solvers. All the buzz about AJAX has presented us with a plethora of solutions. We see a problem pop up and think, “Oh, Ajax can solve this!” And it may be the right solution to the problem but it’s important that we think beyond the specific problem and consider the correlated problems. It is these correlated problems that tend to get missed and, often times, it is the solution itself that ends up creating these problems.

I hope people walk away with perspective on the types of problems that AJAX *should* solve while also considering the problems that AJAX itself can introduce.

Q. Whose work do you admire – whether in terms of design, development, or simply as a blogger?

A. This is probably going to sound cheesy but I admire a lot of people in this industry for a lot of different reasons. Cameron Adams, Joe Hewitt, and Derek Featherstone are just the tip of the iceberg of talented individuals out there.

Q. You’ve been working with the web since back in the day – 1995 to be precise. Things happen so quickly in this business that it’s easy to not stop and reflect on how it’s changing: what do you perceive to be the most important changes in that time as a designer/developer?

A. I’m a pragmatist and I see everything that happens as very evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. Ecommerce, though, is one of those major shifts that helped bring millions of people to the web. More recently, creating new ways of analyzing the wealth of data we have, such as with mashups, show great potential for looking at information in new ways. The more we understand, the more readily we can solve problems at hand.

Q. Finally, we’re really thrilled to have you speaking at this event, and we know you’ve attended a lot of web conferences in the past. What would be your advice to anyone thinking of attending – what do you get out of conferences like this?

A. For me personally, it’s an opportunity to connect with the colleagues one-on-one. That’s something, especially as a freelancer working from home, that I just don’t get the opportunity for on a regular basis. To me, that’s invaluable. Beyond that, it’s a great barometer of the industry. What are people talking about, what are the issues that are important, and what are the expert opinions on those issues?

One of the common things you’ll tend to hear is the rejuvenation of spirit that you get after attending a conference like the “Future of Web Design”. You feel energized to do what you love to do every day. And that’s a really great feeling to have.

Many thanks to Jonathan

Next speaker coming soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Speaker spotlight: Mathew Patterson (Campaign Monitor)

Want to know more about the experts who’ll be speaking at FOWD?

Follow our series of interviews with these leading lights in the design community.
First up, Mathew Patterson, Community Manager at Freshview, the team behind Campaign Monitor.


Q. You’re coming all the way over from Australia for this conference – so thank you! What makes Campaign Monitor the expert on email newsletters?

A. Thanks for inviting me! Most of our customers are based in the States, so this is a great opportunity to come and speak to some of them, as well as meet some new people.
The web is full of really great email marketing and communications advice (and a lot of really bad advice!), but with Campaign Monitor we try to focus quite specifically on the design side of HTML email – making the experience of creating and sending emails a lot less frustrating, and letting designers get on with what they are paid for, the creative work.

We have customers in countries all over the world, from freelancers all the way up to companies like Ebay and Nike, and even including fellow speakers Threadless. Their lists are of wildly different sizes, but they can all see the value in a service that just gets out of your way and lets you create your own designs, send them, and follow up with great reporting. We spend a lot of time researching issues of CSS support in email clients as well as things like image blocking, and we’ve done a lot of the hard work up front in finding out what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re a web designer needing to know how to do HTML email, then you’ll find that Campaign Monitor is the best resource out there.

Q. Tales of the impending death of email have been around for some time now, but it’s still a hugely valuable and popular marketing and communications tool. However, there’s a lot of confusion about how effective these can be in the face of filtering and blocking and so on. Why do you think email marketing is still important?

A. Communicating with your customers by email consistently ranks as one of the most effective methods of growing businesses. Everybody’s favourite guru Jakob Nielsen has stated that having an email newsletter is “is probably the single-highest ROI action you can take to improve your Internet presence”. As web designers we tend to be ahead of the ‘non-geek’ world, and think everyone should be using RSS and surfing the web all day, but the fact is that the huge majority of people are not out subscribing to feeds, but they are reading their email.

Relevant, valuable information sent by email is an excellent way to build relationships with your customers or clients, and it can be targeted much more specifically to the things individuals are interested in. We send out millions of emails every day for tens of thousands of customers, and we hear from those customers about the great results they are getting, so we know it works.

Q. Is there an art to designing the perfect email newsletter – a tried and tested format that works?

A. If only it was that easy! Certainly from a technical perspective there are some things we know work in most cases, and there are some general email design principles like making it clear who is sending the email and how to unsubscribe that apply in every case. However, just like in general web design, the right approach is dependent on the audience you are trying to reach. One company’s perfect newsletter format would probably not work as well for the company next door.

There is an art to designing email newsletters, and the key is understanding the nature of email. It’s a much more personal medium than a webpage – it comes right to you, and that means it can be very effective, but also very intrusive. If you can be respectful of that, then you have an opportunity to talk quite directly with your customers and prospects. Our gallery is full of different approaches to this, there’s no one perfect design. Know your audience, just like in web design.

Q. What kind of topics will you be tackling in your session, and what do you hope people take away?

A. At the Future of Web Design I will be talking about the current state of HTML email, particularly as opposed to the state of web design in general. We know that parts of the web design community see HTML email as the red headed step-kid of the web, but I hope that I can help people to see that HTML email is not going away, and that there is a big role for web designers to play in making email a better experience for everyone.

Keep watching this space for our next speaker interview!! ๐Ÿ™‚

New Speakers!

Josh Davis has agreed to host ‘The Art of Creative Inspiration’ workshop!

We are so pleased he has taken time out to be a part of FOWD so thanks Josh! ๐Ÿ™‚

So those of you in need of a little inspiration click here to register today, the seats are selling fast for this one!

Along with Josh, we are excited to have Robert Hoekman, Jr joining us in NY!

Robert will be running the very popular ‘Improving Interface Design’ workshop. Unfortunately for those of you interested in this one, it has sold out already!

Click here to check out the other amazing workshops but don’t spend too long deciding!

Speakers announced!

We are so pleased to announce that Jeffrey Zeldman, Ryan Singer and Josh Davis have all been confirmed to speak at FOWD NY!

But that’s not all, if you have checked the site you will have noticed that we also have other amazing speakers from Campaign Monitor, Blue Flavor and skinnyCorp to name a few! Click here to see all the details!

Our conference chair Bryan Veloso is doing a great job and will also be posting here with info on speakers and content.

If you haven’t yet registered for your pass you can do so by clicking here

Watch this space for further updates!

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